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Professional experience:

I am an architect with many years of varied experience in the construction industry.

  1. Architectural projects – residential, retail, office, underground car-parks, conservation of historic buildings.
  2. Site engineer for Focus Office Building, Hyatt Regency Warsaw, Holland Park construction sites.
  3. Project manager for a British P.M. company.
  4. Government officer in the town of Konstancin – responsible for public construction tenders and architectural design competitions.
  5. Tenant coordinator for Złote Tarasy Commercial Center (responsible for 30% of retail units, including 80% of the food outlets/restaurants in the project).
  6. Lead architect/project manager for a French architectural practice.
  7. Architect and project manager responsible for several large residential and office projects for a Spanish development company.
  8. Currently I am engaged in the activities described on this web-site.

I have an unrestricted architectural design license (which also permits me to carry out building energy certifications ), I am a member of the Polish Chamber of Architects and also act as an expert witness in the field of construction to the Warsaw Provincial Court, (involving historic buildings, bridges, site planning and infrastructure, project management, preparation and realisation of building investment processes, cost management, fit-outs, architectural consultancy and the energy certification of buildings, flats and other facilities considered as separate from a technological and designatory point of view, thermo-visual inspections, thermo-modernisation and thermal insulation of buildings. I am well versed in building law, urban planning regulations, the public acquisition act and other key acts relating to the construction process as well as other sundry construction related norms and regulations. I am familiar with the administrative procedures involved in the investment process and have a good working knowledge of English.